Adéle will be traveling to the UK in September 2019 to train with the renowned Mary Wanless – creator of Ride With Your Mind.
After this training and certification Adéle will be able to coach horse riders to improve their riding skills by understanding how their bodies move on the horse. And with her physiotherapy background she will be able to assess the riders on and off the horse and deal with any weaknesses, restrictions and balances in effect and efficient ways by designing tailor made programs for riders. . 

Mary Wanless 

The ‘Ride With Your Mind’ approach is a tremendous advance in teaching and learning. It shows any rider how to organise her mind and body in the same way as the riders we call ‘talented’. This enables each person to learn the same feels and to achieve the same results.

Our coaching techniques are very streamlined. By increasing each rider’s body awareness and using innovative imaging techniques, Mary helps riders understand both what to do and how to do it. The bottom line is that improvements in concentration, body awareness, and core muscle strength create incredible improvements both in the rider’s seat, and in her horse’s response to her body. These can be obtained in a very short time, defying traditional expectations. Learning then becomes satisfying, exciting, and fun!