Hydrotherapy is also referred to as aqua-therapy and is conducted by a physiotherapist in an indoor heated pool. The pool’s temperature is approximately 33° Celsius which allows the muscles to relax while the client remains comfortable and is able to maintain normal body temperature.

Water counteracts the effects of gravity the added buoyancy allows for greater freedom of movement and less risk of injury. Using turbulence to assist and resist movement, Aqua-therapy is ideal for clients who are pregnant, have suffered a stroke, have arthritis amongst other conditions.

The decrease in bodyweight allows for rehabilitation and movement from injury or operation to start earlier than what is possible on land.

Hydrotherapy can be done individually, or in groups, where the physiotherapist uses specially designed techniques to mobilize joints, stretch muscles, increase strength, stability, flexibility, balance, endurance and fitness.

Please check with your specific medicical aid what they will cover based on your plan.

It’s easier than you think to find a pain free solution.

AP Therapists are one of the few practices that also offer WATSU®.  WATSU®  is a passive form of body work during which the client is supported by the practitioner and taken through a series of movements that stretch, massage and align the body encouraging complete relaxation in moments of stillness. The benefits are improved sleep, reduced pain, increased vitality and can also be used to treat clients who suffer from old injuries, whilst lowering anxiety levels and assisting the body in the healing process.

Take a look at what a WATSU® session looks like and example of free flow WATSU®

Keryn Barnes, one our resident physiotherapists completed her Advanced International Aquatics Course and became qualified as a WATSU ® practitioner and has been running her own Aquatic Physiotherapy practice in Johannesburg since 2015. 

Adéle Pudney is equally passionate about the healing effects of WATSU ® and is has completed her International WATSU® 1 Training Certificate.

Aquacise Classes

Aquacise classes are available to all clients and are facilitated by a qualified physiotherapist. It is designed to be a fun and energetic way to build cardio-vascular fitness and general strength without any impact to the joints. The Aqua-bike is a great recovery tool after ankle, knee or hip surgery.

Clients need to have an assessment and introduction session (can be one session) as we need to know their ailments and restrictions. As soon as physiotherapist and client decide they will cope in a class they can start classes. Booking is essential as space is limited. Clients that have already been assessed can also make use of the pool at their convenience when the pool is not in use.

Note that all Aquacise classes can be claimed for from your medical aid depending on your cover and available funds. Please check with your specific medical aid what they will cover.

Classes at Sun Valley

Wellspring Centre 2 Longboat St, Sun Valley, Cape Town, 7985

Classes at Somerset West

18 Jennings St, Strand, 7140


1 x weekly R155 p/p

2 x weekly R145 p/p

3 x weekly R120 p/p