Equine Therapy

We offer various treatments involving our equine therapist.

These include:

  • Hippotherapy,
  • Rider assessments,
  • Equine Guided /Assisted Breath workshops.

Hippotherapy is done by a rehabilitative therapist i.e. physio, OT, Speech Therapist where the movement of the horse is used as the treatment modality.

The warmth of the horse, his slow regular breathing and rhythmic movement all contributes to improved balance for the client. The movement of the horse replicates the movement of walking for the person sitting on its back. This leads to improved mobility and walking patterns.

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Rider’s Assessment

Rider’s Assessments looks at the rider on and off the horse. How do the rider’s posture and muscle imbalances influence the very dynamic fluidity that is needed during riding.

Once this assessment is done the rider will be given an ‘On the horse’ program which can be combined/introduced into riding lessons and an “OFF the horse” program.

Adéle will be traveling to the UK (Septemebr 2019) to complete her Riding Instructors training with Mary Wanless.

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Equine Therapy

Equine-assisted therapy programs encompass a range of educational workshops and treatments that involve activities with horses to promote human physical, emotional and mental health.

This is a 1-day Equine Assisted, experiential workshop, designed for anyone who would like to learn HOW their body and brain responds to stress and pain.

We share practical applications of current research in pain and its regulation, and the link between pain and the effects of actual or perceived danger.

The objective of Equine Therapy is to provide a safe environment where a client can observe and respond to the interaction between themselves  and the horse under the supervision and guidance of the equine therapist.

Equine therapy has been used successfully as part of an integrated programme to support psychologists and psychiatrists who treat mental health conditions including PTSD, bereavement, anxiety and depression. We work with registered mental health workers who have mandate to refer clients to us in conjunction with their therapy.

No previous horse experience is needed. All interactions are groundwork only and in the presence of the facilitators and trained therapy horses.