Hydrotherapy is also referred to as aqua-therapy and is conducted by a physiotherapist in an indoor heated pool. The pool’s temperature is approximately 33° Celsius which allows the muscles to relax while the client remains comfortable and is able to maintain normal body temperature.

Water counteracts the effects of gravity the added buoyancy allows for greater freedom of movement and less risk of injury. Using turbulence to assist and resist movement, Aqua-therapy is ideal for clients who are pregnant, have suffered a stroke, have arthritis amongst other conditions.


WATSU® is a passive form of aquatic bodywork which, was developed during the ’80s by Harold Dull at the Harbin Hot Springs in California.  Since then it has become a popular modality with many applications depending on what training has been completed.

During a WATSU® session one is floated in warm water (34 degrees Celsius) and taken through a series of rhythmical, slow, gliding, floating movements, stretches and massage.


Physiotherapists are involved in the whole process of injuries from identification/diagnosis up to full recovery and return to the highest level of function/sports performance after disuse, overuse, surgery, injury and illness.

Physiotherapists are first line practitioners (you don’t need a referral to see a physio) and treat injuries and dysfunction of muscle, fascia, joints, ligaments, scar tissue as well as problems relating to the nervous system.


We offer various treatments involving our equine therapist.

These include:

  • Hippotherapy,
  • Rider assessments,
  • Exhale Healing Breath Workshops.

Hippotherapy is done by a rehabilitative therapist i.e. physio, OT, Speech Therapist where the movement of the horse is used as the treatment modality.

The warmth of the horse, his slow regular breathing and rhythmic movement all contributes to improved balance for the client. The movement of the horse replicates the movement of walking for the person sitting on its back. This leads to improved mobility and walking patterns.