Courses and Workshops

Invest in the next step of your WATSU® journey

WATSU® and Aquatic Courses 2023 Dates, Venues & Registration!  The year has started off with a bang and the pace will be high for the rest of 2023!! Plan ahead and save the dates for your next WATSU® and Aquatic courses! WATSU® is a passive...

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Watsu® Courses for 2020

  Watsu®Course Dates 2020 Watsu 1® - Courses will only run with 4 or more participants. If course is cancelled deposits will be refunded. Cost per course = R 9200. EARLY BIRD FEE = R 8 000 If paid in full one MONTH before start date Watsu 1®– Cape Town –...

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Ride with your mind (RWYM)- coach in the making!

Adéle will be traveling to the UK in September 2019 to train with the renowned Mary Wanless - creator of Ride With Your Mind. After this training and certification Adéle will be able to coach horse riders to improve their riding skills by understanding how their...

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Chronic Pain Workshops

What Prevents Healing Chronic Pain? Despite the challenges of managing chronic pain, there is help at hand. The road to recovery does require commitment but the challenge for AP Therapists is to provide a safe space not only to provide a personalised treatment plan...

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Join Us For WATSU® 1 This October

Calling all body workers for Watsu® 1 White Stone Institute, La Centre, near Portland, OR (USA) 6 – 11 October 2019 | Investment = $850 (flights not included) Last day for registration and deposit is 15 August 2019. Please ensure your passport and visa's are...

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“A massage for the mind, an elixir for sleep and bliss for the body. “

Kate Sandler

“A completely relaxing and unique experience.Mind is cleared for the full session It’s like a meditation in water. Amazing”

Melanie Kozinsky