Our physio team have a number of special interests and treatment modalities to suit our client’s needs. Physiotherapy is a manual, hands-on therapy designed to help clients with their physical rehabilitation and to assist with the healing process.

Physiotherapists are involved in the whole process of injuries from identification/diagnosis up to full recovery and return to the highest level of function/sports performance after disuse, overuse, surgery, injury and illness.

Physiotherapists are first line practitioners (you don’t need a referral to see a physio) and treat injuries and dysfunction of muscle, fascia, joints, ligaments, scar tissue as well as problems relating to the nervous system.

Our focus is on identifying the source/s of pain and dysfunction and to use the most appropriate techniques to resolve the problems:

  • Movement and Posture Assesment and Correction,
  • Pain Neuroscience Education,
  • Nervous System Regulation,
  • Myofascial release,
  • Dry needling,
  • Therapeutic exercise (stretching, strengthening, balance),
  • Manual therapy such as massage, joint and neural mobilisations,
  • Electrotherapy.

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AP Therapists also offer Sensamove® which is a fun interactive, bio-feedback, balance training technology. It aids in developing a person’s balance so preventing falling, better sports performance and rehabilitation by improving proprioception.


Integral to AP Therapists ethos is working in a holistic way where the body and mind are taking into consideration during treatment and rehabilitation. Research has shown  that by learning a quick and easy, self-regulating technique based on bio-feedback, HeartMath® can help improve the body’s natural ability to alleviate pain and anxiety by resetting the bodies healing process.