A core concept of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is that human suffering is caused by the influence of language and cognition (thoughts) over behaviour. 

Simply stated – what you think and feel can dominate over what you do!

To overcome the influence of language and thoughts, ACT relies heavily on the use of metaphor and experiential exercises to bring about behaviour change. 

Metaphor can free you from the traps of language!

ACT is one technique that you can use to unhook from unpleasant thoughts. Oftentimes, it’s this unhooking from the unpleasant thoughts or other unpleasant sensation in your body that leads to the alleviation of the human suffering that many of us experience with chronic pain. 

The use of metaphor and experiential exercise empowers people with pain. They are also used by a lot of physical therapists trying to explain pain to people in a way that is easy to understand. 

ACT employs the use of metaphor differently than Explain Pain or Pain Neuroscience Education. ACT is based on the idea that pain in life is inevitable and instead of explaining, changing or reframing pain, willingness is the way to make peace with and detach from pain.