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Watsu®   (starting 2 November 2019)

November 2, 3, 7 (afternoon), 8, 9 and 10   (5.5 day course).
Adéle Pudney will co-teach this course with Peggy Schoedinger.

You will learn amazing ways of supporting and moving people in the water in slow, flowing movements and stretches.

You will learn new and effective ways to use buoyancy and turbulence to support your client and improve on your technique.  

Watsu® 1   (starting 12 November 2019)  

November 12 (afternoon), 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17 (5.5 day course)
Adéle Pudney will co-teach this course with Peggy Schoedinger.

Thanks to the absence of gravity, water can mobilize your entire body in three dimensions, which does not occur in any other type of massage, as the combination of massage table and gravity always limits the possible moves.

It is not only the movements generated by the therapist, but your own body intuitively using the freedom granted by water, facilitating adjustments as to recover your natural wellbeing.

Watsu® is a very powerful technique, not only physically, but also to relieve mental stress. Watsu 1® follows on the principles of the Basic Watsu® course. In Watsu® 1 you will learn to expand and explore the sequence guided by two professional physiotherapists and Watsu® Instructors.