WATSU® and Aquatic Courses
2023 Dates, Venues & Registration! 

The year has started off with a bang and the pace will be high for the rest of 2023!!
Plan ahead and save the dates for your next
WATSU® and Aquatic courses!

WATSU® is a passive form of aquatic bodywork during which the receiver, are floated, massaged and stretched whilst being supported by the water and the practitioner.

Slow, rhythmic, graceful and supportive movements invite your body and mind to sink deep into a meditative, relaxing state during which cell repair and regeneration is stimulated. 

Adéle Pudney will be teaching all the WATSU® 1 & 2 courses in Cape Town and Johannesburg.
She is a registered WABA WATSU® 1 & 2 Instructor & Physiotherapist.

During a WATSU® course you will learn:
  • WATSU® body mechanics,             
  • Unique WATSU® movements,
  • Head support,
  • Keeping your receiver comfortable and safe,
  • Being present and connecting with breath for deeper relaxation,
  • Using buoyancy and turbulence,
  • Stillness, heart space and flow

W1 course is open to anyone above 18 and no prerequisites are required. See prerequisites for W2 and W3.

Non-licensed touch practitioners have to complete additional training as per WABA International Practitioner Requirements. 

Healthcare practitioners with a license to touch i.e. physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, biokineticists etc. will benefit tremendously from this course in all of their handling skills.

PLEASE NOTE: All WATSU® 1 courses consists of Basic WATSU® (1st 2 days) and Transition Flow (following 3.5 days). Students can take either Basic WATSU® OR Transition Flow (after completion of Basic WATSU®) OR the full WATSU®1 course. Basic WATSU® material is also covered and reviewed during a W2 and W3 course.

Basic WATSU® = R3500 
(1st 2 days of W1)

ALL Bookings and Registration for courses are NOW open. 

Get your WATSU® journey started in 2023 with one of these W1 courses. This course is a prerequisite for W2 and W3.

Adéle Pudney
17 – 19 March & 31 March – 2 April 2023

16 – 21 April 2023

20 – 25 August 2023 

W1 – R 12 000.00

EARLY BIRD FEE = R 11 000.00 if paid in full 1 month before start date.T’s & C’s Apply

(Pre-requisite – WATSU® 1)
BW material is covered and reviewed during the first two days 

All W2 courses – R 12 000.00

EARLY BIRD FEE = R 11 000.00 if paid in full 1 month before start date.T’s & C’s Apply

Adéle Pudney
4 – 7 May & 12 – 13 May 2023

26 – 28 May & 9 – 11 June OR 16 – 18 June

30 June – 2 July & 21 – 23 July

 27 August – 1 September 2023 (6 Days) 


 4 – 9 October 2023 (6 Days) 

(Pre-requisite – WATSU® 1 & 2 & 20 practical sessions logged)

Course fee TBC

Peggy Schoedinger 
22 – 27 October 2023

We look forward to being in the pool with you and sharing these truly magnificent life-changing skills and experiences.

Other courses by Peggy Schoedinger
 Registration is now open

Advanced International Aquatic Therapy Techniques (AIATT) 


11 – 13 Oct & 15 – 17 Oct 2023 (6 days)
`NO Class on 14 Oct  2023
Course fee TBC

Designing the Best Aquatic Exercise Programs
1 – 2 October 2023

Meet Your Host For WATSU® 1 Training

Adele Pudney

Your host, Adéle Pudney has 18 years of clinical experience as a physiotherapist and is passionate about the benefits of hydrotherapy and WATSU®. She started her WATSU® training in 2006 and qualified as a practitioner in 2009.

She includes the WATSU® techniques with many clients who deal with physical disabilities and chronic pain – young and old – with effective results.

Adéle completed her WATSU® 1 Instructor Certification in 2019, making her the first and only WATSU® 1 Instructor in Southern Africa. She is now completing the final step of the WATSU® 2 Instructor training Certification.
She is a member of the Educational Standard Advisory Committee (ESAC) for WABA.

All Cape Town courses will be held at
2 Longboat Street
Wellspring Centre
Sun Valley, Cape Town

Johannesburg courses will be held at 
(South of Johannesburg)
Limited on site accommodation available at request at Vanderbiljlpark