I am super excited to be returning to SA again this year! I will be hosting a number of Watsu®courses in South Africa later this year. 

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Take a few moments to look at the course details and beautiful photos for each of the different courses.

Picture yourself doing these techniques with your clients!

The photos include some of the many very special patients who have touched my heart over the years.  You’ll see lots of them in treatment videos when you attend these courses.

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Cape Town 2019

Quick links for Cape Town course:


November 19 (afternoon), 20, 21, 22, 23, 24   (5.5 day course)

Expand and perfect your wonderful Watsu®skills!

By popular demand, an extra half day of additional material has been added to this course!

This course will take your Watsu® skills to the next level through learning more Watsu® techniques and expanding the adaptations of Watsu® techniques for clients with various needs.

Learn how to use these techniques with a wider range of clients to … more details and photos

Watsu® 3:  Free Flow

November 26 (afternoon), 27, 28, 29, 30, and December 1   (5.5 day course)

This is an exceptional course with the focus on learning the essence of Watsu®, which is free-flow.

As one previous participant in South Africa described it, “There’s Watsu 1®, then Watsu®2, and then there is Peggy’s Watsu®


Learn how to move freely by adapting and creating movements to address the specific needs of … more details and photos