What Prevents Healing Chronic Pain?

Despite the challenges of managing chronic pain, there is help at hand. The road to recovery does require commitment but the challenge for AP Therapists is to provide a safe space not only to provide a personalised treatment plan for our clients but to also provide a holistic approach which integrates body and mind.

The challenge of chronic pain is it is mostly invisible. This sense of isolation a person may feel changes their perspective and their mentality towards a well-balanced healing journey.

Understanding and Education

AP Therapists offer a unique 4-week program focusing on understanding chronic pain.

  • The workshops run in 4 week cycles cycles and is held on Mondays from 2pm-4pm.
  • The worshops are held at the Exhale Equine Venue in Noordhoek. 
  • The investment is R400 for each session and can be claimed from your medical aid (depending on your plan).
  • The first workshop begins 5 August. 

For more info or to book email us on info@aptherapists.co.za or call on 021 785 7200.

Rewriting the Narrative of the Past

Often there is the assumption that you will always be this way. It is true that pain can alter the nervous system, but it is possible to reverse the process associated with pain. lf you have the tools to re-examined your past trauma or illness through the lens of your nervous system, you can start to heal from within.

Building Confidence and Courage Through Support Groups

It may feel that pain has almost become part of your identity, but your body and mind need to learn how to process ‘happy chemicals’ again. This is where workshops and support groups are vital. These groups allow for a judgement free zone where you can share your story with others who can relate you.

We encourage you to join us and learn how you can heal.