Do you ever feel a burning sensation in the top of your shoulders? Do your wrists and shoulders ache? Do you get headaches regularly? Do you have trouble with bowel movement – Yes!  Prolonged sitting affects all of these and so much more

When we don’t move our bodies for extended periods of time there is a generalised decrease in blood flow. This leads to an increase in waste products, which in turn leads to pain. There is shortening and weakening of muscles, which creates imbalances leading to other bio-mechanical issues. Click here to learn more.

Ergonomic Setup 

  1. Seated as far back in your chair as possible to feel the benefit of the lumbar support
  2. Feet rested flat on the floor – In order to be at the correct height in relation to the work surface, a footrest is recommended for shorter users.
  3. Hips slightly higher than knees.
  4. Armrests – Keep elbows close to your body, and shoulders relaxed down.
  5. Monitor – Top most line of monitor display at approximately eye level.
  6. Viewing distance – As far as possible while still seeing the screen clearly. Approximately arm’s length.
  7. Keyboard – Keep the keyboard in close proximity; keep your shoulders relaxed, elbows at 90 degrees and your wrists in line with your forearm; keep the mouse in close proximity and alongside the keyboard.

A Balance cushion allows for constant small movements leading to increased core strength, increased blood flow and increased concentration, Click here to place your order today & get 10{6a2ae193e07a05022ec2f8e771485c7cc89b02bf2a4b34a0f3f58f6ea9957b84} discount.

Alternatively you can sit on a gym ball for short periods during the day.